->scarlet V2.0

Key Features

- Scarlet image viewer available free to all users.
- It supports such file format as dds, hdr, pfm
- You can see freely the alpha of images only.
- It has a feature of image conversion.

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Main Function
1. It supports such file format as dds, hdr, pfm.
For dds files, it supports RGB, DXT1, DXT3 and DXT5 formats and displays the number of Mipmap and alpha information.
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2. You can see freely the alpha of images only.
It displays the alpha images in a check box. You can choose RGBA, RGB, and Alpha information to be displayed.
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3. It supports tap functionality .
Tab functionality has been added to allow users to see several pieces of images. You place your mouse on the folder and press the button in the middle of the mouse to open it in a new tap. Both folder window and file window can be used.

4. It has functionalities of swf file view and play.
It shows thumbnails of swf files and you can control the selected swf file to play, stop and view it frame by frame as you do on a media player. Version 2.0 newly has a feature of mouse event control. (Movie clips are, by nature, animated while in pause)

5. It can edit images
Functionality of simple image editing has been newly added.

6. It supports bookmark in the form of favorites of a web browser.
You can manage folders using bookmark functionality. You can move fast between multiple task directories and use the bookmark through menu like a web browser.
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7. You can view zipped files
You can view the tree structure without unzipping the file and the images in it.
(*Currently it supports ZIP files only. You cannot view swf files here.)

8. It basically supports 30 types of graphic files.
Files supported include major formats like BMP, GIF, JPG, TGA, PSD and JP2, formats used for game development such as DDS, HDR and PFM and others for web design like SWF and MNG.

9. It has a feature of image conversion.
You can covert multiple files into others with different names in different formats all at once.

10. It is available free to all users.
Individuals, corporations, public agencies, educational institutions and internet cafes can use it free.


1.Does Scarlet have any type of spyware, adware or malignant programs?
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This is already a verified software. Scarlet image viewer contains none of these. To prevent possible modification, please download Scarlet from the official homepage.

2. What is the latest version of Scarlet version available?
It is available at

3. I would like to uninstall Scarlet.
You can to go 'Start->All Programs->Scarlet->Uninstall'

4. Is this free?
This is free for all users.

5. Is it not possible to change the size of “ View in Small Screen ”
You can use the slider on the right of the screen to change the size.

6. Some images look all white.
Files like psd, tga, png and dds containing alpha information can be displayed so because, if view alpha is checked, only the alpha information of images are displayed. Select View RGB+A from the menu in the viewer tab and you will see correct images.

7.Mouse wheel and double click are not operational in the view window when playing flash.
The mouse wheel does not operate because they are dedicated to conveying mouse events to the flash when flash plays. The standard version will be so corrected that the mouse wheel and double click will normally operate.
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